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Dec 28, 2021

2022: Discover YOUR Super Power.  

STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR FUTURE…..  Failure is the  BEGINNING. Stop seeing failure as an end game. Failure is how we LEARN to WIN. JB Bryan says  " God places the challenges in our life so we can LEARN - learn how to WIN. It’s not over until YOU win! I truly believe the saying ........

Dec 27, 2021

Financial Advisor, JB Bryan says "The NEW Spiderman movie passed 1 Billion in sales today. It confirms that people love a SuperHero.  With 1 Billion in sales it also suggests that more people need to know about the story of Jesus." Enjoy this podcast on "Discovering your Super Power".  #JBBRYAN

Sep 14, 2021

PODCAST: Single parents have been asking about financial tips for years! Here's how to build wealth when you are Head of the Household. Check out these key financial steps to take TODAY. Your family is depending on YOU. 

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Aug 26, 2021

Podcast. Recorded LIVE. 08.18.2021. Financial Psychology: Your Mind does Matter. 

Jun 2, 2021

Entrepreneur JB Bryan recognized as a Shero sponsored by Verizon.