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Apr 25, 2024

PODCAST recorded 04/24/24 - Your Investment Advisor, JB Bryan is also licensed to help you with all insurance types including: Life, Health, and Property & Casualty Insurance. Tonight it's all about "Understanding Life Insurance: Q & A." Can Life Insurance help Build Wealth? What is a rider? What's best Term vs. Permanent? Is Life Insurance always needed? If so, How much? How much will it cost? Should I be the owner or beneficiary? #JB AfroEconomics LIVE! Visit to request a complimentary consultation or call 1-844-JBBRYAN. Powered by JB Bryan Financial Group, Inc., A Registered Investment Advisory Firm - The Home of AfroEconomics. Call for membership information at 1-844-522-7926 or visit #JBBRYAN #AfroEconomics